Monday, September 2, 2013

I Wish This Was sticker campaign- Updates!

We're so excited to see the energy for this campaign and the great press we had this past week.  In case you missed it, the project was featured by Heidi Prescott in the South Bend Tribune on Tuesday-
Which idea will stick? (Mayor Pete even tweeted the article as a great example of Tactical Urbanism!) Then Fox 28 did a story that evening: project-encourages-sb-to-share-ideas-for-revitalizing-downtown, and WSBT visited the following day :downtown-stickers-ask-for-empty-storefront-ideas.
As each story was shared around the interwebs, we got some great discussion and ideas from folks that we'll post here in a few days.  We also had an awesome meeting with DTSB on next steps for the project.  Look forward to seeing stickers on additional buildings within the next few weeks.

To summarize what the stickers have told us so far- a lot of folks seem to want a pharmacy/drug store of some variety downtown.  There were also a lot of votes for a vegetarian/ vegan restaurant.  Several stickers also noted that they were looking for something 'vintage' or 'old-fashioned' as retro seems to be hip these days- an old fashioned soda shop, pharmacy, vintage clothing, record store, barber shop and others specifically included some sort of qualification that it be 'old school'.

Stay tuned for updates and add your voice to the mix in the comments on any of the pages/ sites included here at the blog.  Keep wishing and we'll keep advocating for all voices to be heard as part of the discussion of downtown South Bend's revitalization.

Enjoy your 'NO' Labor day!!

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  1. I'm a big fan of the 'vintage' ideas. I think this represents a yearning for the DTSB of old with it's physical charm and diverse shopping, entertainment, and eating options.